“Both my wife and I have been taking First Aid Training Classes for the last 32 years.  We went to many organizations giving the FA training.  All the places we went to we felt crammed into a room watching video for about eight hours.  They were boring and tiring and very rigidly structured.  The one we went to for the FA training given by Robin Cournoyer of the Nurse Consultants is so refreshing! The class was openly participative, no boring videos for hours and the environment was friendly and accommodative.  The correct environment to learn and enjoy was what I experienced with Robin’s training! We felt great after the class.”

-Ranjit C.

-Krishna C.


 ”When my boss informed me that I needed to take a First Aid Class I was not thrilled about being at work on a Saturday from 8:00-2:00 PM.  I take the bus to work so I had to get up very early to be on time.  Robin’s class was very different from any other class I have ever attended.  She kept us all involved, we laughed, it was very interesting and I learned alot. When you need to take a class I would strongly recommend taking it with Nurse Consultants LLC.
It was the fastest 6 hours of my life!”

-Adrian F.S.


“The Epi-Pen/Medication class was a little far, Torrington but very worth it. Robin went right to the point. Educational, Thank You from the bottom of my heart.”

-Madeline S.


“I first took CPR about 10 years ago.  The class was very crowded and I felt that I had not learned anything.  I was afraid if anything ever happened to anyone I would not know what to do.  I took a CPR class with Nurse Consultants LLC and I could not believe how much I learned ! I feel Robin was very thorough, answered everyone’s questions and encouraged us to ask questions so we really understood what to do.  She provided positive encouragement watching us all and making sure we were performing all the skills properly.  I would never go anywhere else for another CPR class !  I finally feel if anyone needed CPR or was choking I would be able to help them.   Thank you Nurse Consultants LLC.” 


“Excellent class—I enjoyed the examples of situations that could present problems in a classroom, such as materials in the sensory table. It was good to see the new style of Epi-Pen. Thank you! This course is always clear, with opportunity to ask questions. It’s excellent, no suggestions. Thank you.”

-Anna P.


 ”I always love how thorough your classes are – thanks!”

-Kelli Y.


“As always the Epi-Pen class was very thorough and informative. I feel very well prepared in case of an emergency at our school.”

-Kristen C.


“Robin is a wonderful instructor. She explains everything thoroughly and answers all questions. She is very knowledgeable and makes sure all attendees understand and comprehend the information. A very informative class. I feel that I can contribute to my center to make it a safer place.”

-Sarah N.


“I would like to thank Miss Robin for coming down and teaching us on the things that we need to know. I’m very new to the field but Miss Robin helped me out in so many ways. Thank you so much. This training was very informative.”

-Sonquita N.


“Robin did an amazing job today! She was very well informed and was able to encourage participation from all teachers. I learned a lot today and know that I will do a much better job at PGNS as a result of attending this class. Thank you, Robin.”

-Jennifer J.


“The class was very well presented and allowed for hands-on application of administering Epi-Pen. Excellent!”

-Sharon C.


“Nurse Robin does a wonderful job when teaching this class. Everything is so simple and easy to understand. The classes are fun and exciting.”

-Tamara P.


“The workshop was fun and Miss Robin had everyone participate so it didn’t get boring. She had enough materials for each member of the group to take with them and reviewed things that have changed (in regards to state regulations).”

-Melissa C.


“Nurse robin is very knowledgeable. The information was clear, related to real situations, and good to know. I always look forward to training with nurse Robin.”

-Kenyetta N.


“Nurse Robin is very informative. She also takes her time to ensure you understand the information she is sharing. I highly recommend her as a consultant.”

-Seolwhyde D.


“I have been attending Robin’s classes for about 8 years now. She always makes the class fun and easy to understand. I highly recommend classes through Nurse Consultants LLC! The booklet is very informational and will be a useful asset and tool in the classroom when working on Health and Safety here at KCECEC. Getting hands on practice during training was very helpful and assures me that I’ll be able to confidently and comfortably apply all that I learned today.”

-Amanda F.


“This class was great, I feel confident in administering meds and the Epi-Pen safely and effectively.”

-Sam L.


“Very well presented, very informative, enjoyed being interactive during the learning process.”

-Dania W.


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